The basis of all association management operations is understanding the individual community we are serving. Because every community is different and constantly evolving, that understanding is an ongoing process and not a singular event.

Association Management of Tennessee has the necessary procedures and systems in place to successfully manage:

  • The vision and mission of your individual community
  • The goals of your community
  • The long-term and daily challenges that your community faces
  • Leadership in problem resolution
  • A productive partnership with the Board of Directors and owners
  • Prompt responses to questions and concerns with timely feedback as necessary
  • Participative community feedback


Maintenance and vendor management is the number one complaint from associations. While it is realistic to expect things to occasionally go wrong,  how we work to minimize and competently handle the things that do go wrong is what provides you with real peace of mind.

With Association Management of Tennessee you can expect:

  • Proactive maintenance planning that defines who, what, when and how fast
  • A computerized database that defines and facilitates your property’s individual needs
  • Same day processing of work orders
  • Procurement of competitive bids
  • Contractor assistance for owner-responsible maintenance when requested
  • Property inspections
  • After-office-hours emergency paging and responsiveness



Service & Communication

  • Consulting services
  • Participative management
    • Work closely with the Board of Directors
  • Board & annual meeting attendance
    • Advanced preparation of Board meeting agendas
    • Have documents available at board meetings necessary for decision making
  • Timely communication with homeowners
  • Newsletter preparation
  • Participation in regulation adherence
  • Building community relationships
  • Month-end reporting

Accounting & Financial

We believe that Association communities are better served by separating the day to day operation management from financial management.  It allows us to spend our time in the communities we serve.  We work closely with the accounting firm to ensure timely payment of invoices and timely credit of incoming HOA dues.  The accounting firm handles the following:

·      Collection of monthly fees

·      Invoice payments

·      Prepare and manage financial statements

·      Preparation of all tax forms

Association Management of Tennessee will handle the following:

  • Submit annual budget to the Board of Directors to approve
    • Detailed reserve planning
    • Short and Long term project planning
  • Financial reporting
  • Aggressive collection of past due accounts


  • Proactive maintenance planning
  • Vendor management
  • Bid procurement
  • Property inspection




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